Our Communities

an image of an African American family posing for a photo outside in front of a wooden fence

We own and operate 19 affordable Mutual Housing communities in Sacramento and Yolo Counties. Find yours today.
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Going Green

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Our green work has energized our staff and residents alike, uniting us in an effort to create sustainable communities.
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Future Communities

An artists watercolor painting of some affordable housing to be built in the future

The need for affordable housing in our region is vast, spurring us to work on future communities. Check out what we have in the pipeline.
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Resident Voices

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Hear firsthand how our safe, healthy affordable housing has impacted the lives of individuals and families in our community.
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Who We Are

Mutual Housing California develops, operates and advocates for sustainable housing that builds strong communities through resident participation and leadership development.

Get Involved

Does our mission stir you to action? Here’s how you can join the team:
• Intern or Volunteer With Us
• Work With Us
• Partner With Us
• Donate To Us

Join Us for a Tour

Mutual Housing offers monthly Building Up tours of our communities. A free one-hour tour of a mutual housing community where you can meet the CEO and hear from a resident and see one of our properties and it’s green features. The tour series gives an overview of our programs and services and tells the inspiring success stories of residents.
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Green Leaders

Mutual Housing residents are becoming innovators in the green movement. Our Green Leaders program uses a peer-led education model to promote green living in our communities and beyond.
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Find Us

See directions and locations to all of our communities.
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Find Us

See locations and directions to all of our communities. See the maps »