Ale Ruiz-Jimenez

Ale Ruiz-Jimenez, Owendale Mutual Housing

Once upon a time, there lived a family. They were just ordinary peasants. Moved around often from city to city in order to have a good education. Struggled to eat and have a good shelter. One day the dad was able to get a new job that paid him more money. So they moved to a bigger house. But the rent went higher every month and the dad was not able to pay anymore. The Big Bad Wolf was called, and they had to leave that house (or he would blow and blow until it fell). Now they had to find a new house.

Mom found out about a new housing complex that was very beautiful and had very low rents that Dad could pay. It was called Owendale Community. So they visited the far away land and couldn’t resist living there. It is said that they rent an apartment there and love all the events that take place. They never miss one. The pumpkin carving, Halloween party, and Thanksgiving event are their favorites.

Sometimes that family doesn’t have enough to eat, but thanks to the free food every month, all of the family can enjoy good meals. The house they are living in is very beautiful. The oldest got to have the master bedroom, which has a bathroom and a balcony! She loves it there. It has a beautiful view to the freeway, where she can hear the everlasting sound of the carriages going click clonk click clonk click clonk. But the view to the magical lake during the summer months is the best. The youngest even got his own room!

The entire family is very thankful to Owendale Community. All the people there are wonderful. From the friendly neighbors to the helpful manager, everyone is there for one another. And the family lived happily ever after.

This is my family’s story.

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