My name is Alicia. I live at Mutual Housing on the Greenway with my daughter who is 11 years old. I first lived at Mutual Housing from 2005-2008; it’s the place that gave me hope. It was the first place that I had that gave me the opportunity to restart my relationship building with my other children.

Unfortunately, I went through some hard times and had to leave my home at Mutual Housing. After struggling with addiction and homelessness, wanting to better care for my young daughter inspired me to seek help and begin to put life back on track. I lived at St. John’s shelter and got my GED and some job training. Finally, I was able to come back to Mutual Housing on the Greenway in 2012. Coming back to Mutual Housing after a time of being away felt good.

After I graduating from the St. Johns program, I still didn’t have a job and my subsidies were ending. I contacted an employment recruiter and emailed them my resume, but I kept getting denied. I texted Joua, the Mutual Housing Community Organizer. She told me to forward the recruiter’s comments. Joua helped me understand what the recruiter needed. Two days later I was a temp to hire for Pick ‘n Pull corporate office in Rancho Cordova. Two months later I accepted a full time permanent position with them as a Customer Services Representative. I have now been with Pick ‘n Pull for a year. I now have medical, dental, and a 401k plan and can say, I am happy not to be on public assistance anymore.

I got my life back! I am now at a place where I love to be physically and mentally. I can afford rent and still have money to take my daughter out to the bay. I am now part of the Resident Council at Mutual Housing on the Greenway, and a representative to the Mutual Housing Board’s Resident Impact Committee where we discuss policies and programs that affect Mutual Housing residents.

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