Anonymous River Garden Estates resident

I was born in Ukraine. We lived in a small house there with one room for me and my sister, but I always wanted to have my own room. When I was almost 10 years old, we moved to California.

First we lived for one year in Rancho Cordova, but it wasn’t one of my American dreams because we moved into a two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. Also, the air conditioning was built into the wall, and it wasn’t working well. It was always hot and, when it was winter, the heater was always smelling and not working properly. Also, we paid $750 per month for only two bedrooms with so much broken stuff, like for example, the locks on our windows.

Also, the apartment was a two-story building. We lived on bottom and on top there lived people that were always making a lot of noises. I had to share my room with my sisters. With doing homework, I always wanted to have my own table, pens, papers, and all that stuff for school.

When we went to visit some of my dad’s relatives in River Garden Estates Mutual Housing, we saw they had a three-bedroom and two-bedroom, upstairs and downstairs, and had air conditioning that worked through the whole apartment, plus a heater that kept them warm in winter.

So now, we’ve been living at River Garden for almost nine years. I love living in this apartment because I’ve made new friends. I also met my best friend here. I love living here because it’s a nice place to live.

I have also had a chance to help our community organizers, and I meet new neighbors. I help out by being active in the community. I have finished all my classes in school because I had an opportunity to do so and because schools are close to here. I’m happy living here.

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