Bicycling in Mutual Housing

Mutual Housing California has established bike sharing programs at two communities, New Harmony Mutual Housing Community in Davis and Mutual Housing at Spring Lake in Woodland, to promote healthy transportation options for our resident members. Utilizing bicycle transportation also helps reduce carbon emissions which would otherwise be emitted through motor vehicle use. Our community organizing department manages training for youth interns to provide ongoing maintenance of the bicycle fleets. Along with building up leaders the bike sharing programs help increase community connections.

Mutual Housing California Bicycle Share Program Youth Interns

Youth interns showing off the new bikes for the Mutual Housing at Spring Lake bike sharing program in Woodland.

Mutual Housing California resident members using bike share program

Bike sharing kick-off event at New Harmony Mutual Housing Community in Davis.

In the news:

• February 19, 2015 – The Davis Enterprise
Mutual Housing kicks off bike sharing program

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