Charlie Burres

Charlie Burres, The Westerner

I was born in Stockton in 1932. My wife was born in Miami, OK 10 years later. I am of sound mind and beat up body, 78 years old, and still enjoying every day that I am able to.

Most of my life I have been a carpenter and cabinet maker. Through the years my wife and I managed to secure a piece of property with three small houses on it and we had a few bucks in the bank. I decided to make my fortune by sub-dividing the property and building seven homes on it. Against my wife’s judgment, I thought I needed a partner and his assets. Now, to make a long story short, I will skip the details. We built the houses and sold them very quickly; my partner made lots of money, and I lost mine.

We were now very broke but not broken! However, it was very hard to find housing that we could afford. Then we found The Westerner Mobile Home Park, and it was a godsend.

Since we have been here at the Westerner, many times our hearts have been touched by the kindness and willingness of our neighbors to help us. A day never passes by that someone will stop in to check on us just to make sure that we are all right. Now being an older couple, we certainly appreciate their concern. With them being mostly young, it is like they are an extended family of children and the older neighbors are like brothers and sisters.

I guess the gist of this tale is that, because of Mutual Housing California, we feel happy, healthy and safe in this family atmosphere. We love our little home and our neighbors. Our hopes and dreams are that we will be here when Lord comes and takes us home!

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