My name is Dylan. I am 18 years old. Mutual Housing at the Highlands is my home, where I live with my mother, step-father, and sister. My family benefitted from a nearby supportive housing community for twelve years before we got on the Mutual Housing at the Highlands waiting list. We have been here since the day it opened in 2011.

The older I get the more I appreciate the journey I’ve been on so far. From temporary foster care as an infant, to sharing bunk beds with cousins, to now having my own room and opportunity to care for a pet, there is a sense of completeness in calling Mutual Housing at the Highlands my home. I lost my dad a couple Christmases ago and the community support and stability of my home has helped me move forward in my journey.

I use my father’s sudden passing as a way to bring out my writing. This year, Mutual Housing staff referred me to a scholarship opportunity which I was recently awarded. Now I am a student at Sacramento State University. I am also serving as a representative for Challenge Sports, which mentors youth with developmental or physical disabilities. After volunteering with them while I was in high school, I am now trying to get other teens to do the same.

I don’t feel helpless going through college. I now feel like an adult and find myself asking what I can do to further help my family and the ones I love. I have started helping contribute through part-time work. By pursuing my passions through sports and school, it brings me great peace knowing I am doing what my father would have wanted. As I have grown in my understanding of the costs of living, I am grateful for the ways Mutual Housing at the Highlands has enabled me to build my life.

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