Edith Bikoba

Edith Bikoba, Twin Pines

Living at Twin Pines has had a great influence on me and my family. At my old apartments, I didn’t have any friends and wasn’t familiar with my neighbors. Because there was no diversity, it was hard to relate to people. It wasn’t until I moved to Twin Pines that everything changed. When we arrived, there was a small gathering welcoming us at the community, and it was great!

The thing that I like about living here is that we are a community where everybody is involved. With a Resident Council, adults have a chance to discuss necessary improvements and bring up anything that is bothering them. To my surprise, they also had Kids Council, where kids plan fun activities such as movie nights and trips to the beach. The best thing is that kids are involved in fundraising activities (recycling glass and plastic bottles) to pay for the trip expenses.

My life has changed since moving to Twin Pines. The rent is affordable, which saves my family a lot of money. I have many friends, I can transport to school very easily, and the people are extremely friendly. I recommend all families to pack their bags and move to Twin Pines!

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