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The Central Valley’s first LGBTQ-welcoming affordable senior housing community:

Lavender RenderingMutual Housing is proud to partner with Sacramento LGBTQ community leaders to plan and develop affordable LGBTQ-welcoming senior housing. In 2015, Mutual Housing purchased a vacant parcel at the corner of 16th and F Streets in Sacramento with the intention of making it home to 53 households whose occupants are age 62 and older. We are currently in the planning and design phase, as well as applying for financing.

What is LGBTQ-welcoming housing and why is it necessary?

Studies show that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer seniors experienceLavender Courtyard Placeholder Pic 2 discrimination in health and social service delivery and in housing. LGBTQ seniors frequently report being victimized by staff and residents of senior facilities. Upon moving into traditional senior communities, many LGBTQ elders feel compelled to go back into the closet after years or decades of being able to live out and proud. Many are afraid to reveal their sexual identity or gender preference to service providers and health professionals, making it difficult for them to get appropriate care and referrals.

Lavender Courtyard Supporters gather at Sacramento City Hall

Supporters of Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing filled Sacramento City Hall on March 8th, 2016.

One of the big risks of aging in America is becoming isolated and depressed. 20% of seniors 65 years and older suffer from depression. In a 2011 national LGBTQ health study, more than half of LGBTQ respondents had been told by a doctor they had depression. LGBTQ seniors can be at greater risk due to several factors. They may lose their LGBTQ community support when moving into senior housing facilities. They may have lost contact with family members due to having opened up to their families about their sexual identities or gender preferences. LGBTQ seniors are 3 – 4 times less likely to be parents so have no children to turn to for care in their elder years. They are twice as likely to be single and living alone.

• May 25, 2017 – California Health Report
Those Who Fought for LGBT Rights Often Can’t Find Fair Housing

See Me Age in Dignity from Justice in Aging on Vimeo.

The financing and construction of Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing could take from two years to five years.  Questions may be directed to

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