My name is Gary. I am 15 years old and a youth leader at Mutual Housing at River Garden. After moving to Mutual Housing in 2013, I became involved in activities and programs for the youth and I love being a part of it. Living here is different because I get to do more outside instead of staying in the house. At my old place, there was no after-school or summer program to go to right where I lived. Now, I have another family away from home.

I am involved in Leaders in Training, Oasis, and Liquid through the Greenhouse, which is a youth enrichment organization partnered with Mutual Housing California, to serve neighborhood residents (including those living at Mutual Housing). With Leaders in Training, I have worked to help fix the soccer field next to Mutual Housing at River Garden at Ninos Park, painted the bathrooms in the clubhouse, helped run the annual Harvest Carnival, facilitated games with kids, and worked on my resume. Oasis is an evening program where I get to play games and openly talk among my peers in a safe environment. And Liquid is the summer program that is packed full of activities like going to basketball games, camping, and more.
This past summer I also participated in the Youth Leadership Program with Mutual Housing California. We worked with UC Davis college students, and it made me feel more professional and I liked being treated like an adult. I will take these assets with me and use them when I am older.

Mutual Housing programs have helped me be a better leader and a better brother. I am the oldest in my family and I show my siblings right and wrong and help them be a better leader too. It has also helped me to use my leadership skills in school and on my baseball team. I love participating in the leadership programs at Mutual Housing.

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