My name is Jennifer, I am a Para-educator for Montgomery Elementary and I live at Moore Village Mutual Housing Community with my two sons. Before coming to live in Mutual Housing, my family and I were renting a house in Woodland. Prior to living in Woodland we lived in Davis but had to move because we could no longer afford the rent in Davis. While living in Woodland my sons and I commuted to Davis for work and school. We wanted to move back to Davis but we were afraid we could not afford the rent.

I decided to move out of Woodland to leave my unhealthy marriage. I did research and found a list of affordable homes from the Center for Families and came across Moore Village Mutual Housing Community as a potential option. I contacted the on-site manager Tina Ortiz, and she was able to offer me a home. She was nice, helpful, and she is one of the reasons why our Mutual Housing community has such a nice feel to it. I felt welcomed.

Having this new home made it possible for me to move on from my past life and have mental peace, I feel free. My kids also love it here, they have made friends and are able to get to school independently and safely as oppose to having to take a one-hour bus ride when we lived in Woodland. Living here has improved their social life dramatically.

Mutual Housing has allowed me to live in a city, which can be considered unaffordable and has allowed me to be a part of the community here in Davis. One of the things I like most about Mutual Housing is the focus on community engagement. The programs and events have allowed me to meet my neighbors who make me feel safer and have helped me make friends. The policies make me feel like resident voice is important.

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