My name is Kathy and I am a resident at Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community. I moved 2 years ago when my life almost stopped at a roadblock. My son had paranoia and mental disabilities and he was getting ambushed by a gang that he did not want to join. Where we lived was in a small 3 bedroom apartment in a gang and violence-ridden neighborhood. It was not safe to walk alone on the streets. Education was not the priority of any kids or families.

When my daughter helped me find Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community, I could never have been happier. I like how small and intimate the community is because it is easier to make friends with our neighbors. I like the support group that we have within the community. I like the events and meetings that we have so that we can learn new things about the community and deal with issues that we have affecting us. I am happier that we have a computer lab that we can use to fill in applications for jobs and reconnect with families on social media. One day I used the computer lab at Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community and I found my long lost sister named Sherry that I never knew I had. I immediately reconnected with her and we are now planning a family reunion that would get all of our family together to meet her.

I really don’t know what I would do without Mutual Housing or if I could live anywhere else but here. Without the opportunities that we have here and the support from our manager Bonnie and Community Organizer, Crystal, I would have never get the chance to meet my sister and find better housing for my family.

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