Kelly Her

Kelly Her, Evergreen Estates

Prior to living in Mutual Housing, my family (three sisters and one brother) lived in South Carolina. In February 2009, my parents divorced and my mother moved to California. We stayed with dad, but after a short time he developed mental issues, so we were scared and decided that following our mom was the only way we could be safe.

When we arrived in California, my uncle was kind enough to have us stay with him and his family, but it was crowded. So after four months we decided we needed to move out. What made it challenging and harder was that fact that my mother was on unemployment. We had limited income and wondered how we could afford a place of our own. We were very fortunate that a friend referred us to Mutual Housing.

When I realized we were moving to the north side, I didn’t want to or like the idea. Although there were many unfamiliar faces and being in a new environment scared me, I soon met a lot of people who are now my friends. Later my friends and I started a dance group. Mutual Housing has granted us permission to use the community room for practice. With this luxury, we have practiced hard and performed at various events, such as the Mutual Housing annual picnic, parties, and Hmong New Year.

I would honestly say that the impact of Mutual Housing is indescribable. They allow me to have a chance to better myself, feel better about myself, do the things I love, and most importantly…have a place to call home.

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