My name is Meaghan. I live at Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community with my husband and two children. Before coming to live at Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community I went through many housing programs for people transitioning out of homelessness. I met my husband at a Single Living program, where we both were living. I was soon pregnant and had to move out because the Single Living program is strictly for singles. I was now sheltered down the street from my husband and it was very difficult not being together while I was pregnant. Then finally, our application was accepted and we were able to move to Mather Community Campus. They helped us continue our sobriety and gave us the opportunity to go to school. Through the job training provided, my husband was able to get a job.

My transformation started when we moved to Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community, pregnant with our second child. We experienced a whole new level of freedom at Glen Ellen. I enjoyed having the company and support of all my neighbors during my second pregnancy, something I didn’t have with my first. I also enjoyed not having to do all the chores and tasks that the other programs made me do in order to keep a roof over my head.

I’m involved in my Glen Ellen Mutual Housing Community because I want to, not because I have to do. I like attending the meetings because we discuss events and issues that pertain to our community. I also started volunteering because of my children. Then I started to see that volunteering could help me pave a way out of my bad background, and could lead to a better life for me and my family.

The Glen Ellen Mutual Housing community organizers, Crystal and Marena, along with property managers, Bonnie and Tara, have helped me build confidence and self-esteem by being welcoming and nice to me. Also, by going to annual celebrations and hearing other women talk about what Mutual Housing has done for them, it has helped keep my eyes open and gives me great hope for the future.

Living at Mutual Housing California has given me the freedom and confidence to strive after my dreams.

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