Our Rental Qualifications and Application

General Qualifications for Rental Applicants
1. Must pass the credit check and background check (criminal check included).
2. Must demonstrate ability to pay rent.
3. Previous landlords must give a good recommendation.
4. Must make below certain income limits depending on unit and household size.

Overview of Application Process

FIRST: Credit and Criminal Background Checks

1. All adult members of applicant household are subject to credit check. The credit report will be reviewed for instances of eviction or unlawful detainer, unpaid judgments or collections, bankruptcies, or a poor credit rating.

2. All adult applicants are also subject to criminal background check. A history of behavior which constitutes a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals will disqualify an applicant.

3. Only applicants who are approved based on credit and background checks are allowed to proceed to next stage of qualification process.

THEN: Third Party Income Verification and Landlord References

1. Property management reviews third party income verification for all assets and sources of household income to confirm that the applicant’s income is within the income limits established by regulation and to confirm that resident has adequate income to make monthly rental payments.

2. Property management contacts landlord references for each applicant to confirm that applicants have demonstrated ability to pay rent, follow rules and live in an apartment without damaging property.

For more details see: Housing Resident Selection Criteria

Rental Application – English

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