Nequai Scott

Nequai Scott, Greenway Village

My name is Nequai Scott. I am a mother, a survivor of domestic violence, and a recovering meth addict. I can plainly say I could not introduce myself as any of those things if I wasn’t presented the opportunity to reside at Greenway Village Mutual Housing Community.

Living here enables me to carry out my primary concern as a mother whose goal is to provide for her children, while carrying out my goals of self sufficiency. I lacked a lot of confidence in myself because of the situations I took my family through. I never had the basic skills of finance and budgeting. I now attend a finance class on Wednesday nights at Greenway Village in the community room.

I find it hard to remember being a part of a community where I could trust my neighbors, case manager, apartment manager, and maintenance person to help create a healthy vision of home for my family. Security, tutoring help for my kids, healthy family activities, opportunities to meet and mix with neighbors and community members have really changed my life. I actually have positive friends who share goals and dreams who are my neighbors. I can look outside and feel proud of where I live because it is always well kept. I now have another standard of living.

Because I have affordable housing, so many options have opened up for me. I can handle my bills, attend intensive outpatient treatment, and provide a safe and predicable environment for my kids.

My mind has suddenly opened up to going back to school (to pursue a career in) medical billing…I am determined to make the best of what I have and come out of my challenges stronger and wiser.

For the first time in my life I am able to focus on me, enjoy my independence and give my best to my children.

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