Hi my name is Ngoc Trinh. I am a 73 year old Vietnamese woman and have been living at Mutual Housing at Lemon Hill for three and a half years. I live with my younger sister Chi who is 44 and has Down-Syndrome. When our parents passed away more than 30 years ago, there was no one left to care for my sister, so I have devoted my life to being her caregiver. Before living in Mutual Housing at Lemon Hill, I was sharing a room and even a bed with my sister in a 3 bedroom house. We had to share the kitchen and bathrooms and I could not get any privacy.

I have been living in the United States since immigrating here in 1994 and worked at McDonalds as a cook for 12 years. After living in many places and moving around a lot, I have finally found a home at Mutual Housing at Lemon Hill. I remember the incredible feeling of finally having our own kitchen and room. One of the most important features in our home is an ADA-accessible bathroom. It is easy to use for my sister and for me, as I am growing older. It is built with handles along the shower and bathtub and it is spacious enough for me and my sister to use.

One day, while living in Mutual Housing at Lemon Hill, I was about to go grocery shopping and asked one of my neighbors to take my sister home first. When I got home, she was not there and I started to panic. I was scared that I was going to lose my only sister and never see her again. I immediately sought help from the property manager and she took my hand and we searched the entire community for my sister. Even though my sister has Down-syndrome, I thought that she would know where her home was. After a few hours, much to our relief, we found her with the help of our neighbors and the manager.

I appreciate the support of our community organizer, who helps with critical things like translating documents, hiring an IHSS caregiver for my sister, and assisting me with medical paperwork. She continually shows me the great opportunities we have in our community.

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