Affordable Housing Facts

• People who need affordable housing are everyday people. They work as carpenters, security guards and bank tellers, retail sales people and engineering, medical records and veterinary technicians.

• To survive, families should use no more than 30 percent of their income on housing and utilities.

• In Sacramento, as more people choose renting over homeownership in the challenged economy, demand for rental has surged, pushing rents up and vacancies down.

• Affordable housing does not lower property value. Architectural standards and adequate maintenance is the key determinant of property value.

• Residents of affordable housing become stable community members, with turnover of less than 10 percent annually.

• When residents have a sense of ownership and control over their lives, their community involvement helps to lower crime rates.

Why We Need Affordable Housing:

• Tens of thousands of people in Sacramento County live in substandard housing or overcrowded conditions.

• 6,000 school children in Sacramento County are homeless at least some part of the year.

• To pay fair market rent for a 2-bedroom apartment workers must earn $19.63 an hour working full time.

• In Sacramento County, only 46% of renters make the required full-time wage to afford market rent for a basic two-bedroom apartment.

• A family of four with two working parents earning minimum wage can only afford $700 in rent or mortgage payments and utilities.

• Estimates of the poverty rate in Sacramento are as high as 20% for 2012– higher than the statewide average of 16%.

• State spending on housing programs is less than 1 percent of total spending. Non-profits like Mutual Housing now are the 8th largest sector of the economy. Non-profits not only help people in need, they keep the economy running.

News and Research Links

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