Resident Leadership

Resident leadership is not an afterthought here at Mutual Housing. It is thoroughly integral to our mission, a passion that fuels every aspect of our work.

Mutual Housing’s by-laws specify that a majority of the members of our Board of Directors be current, past or future residents of our communities. This emphasis on resident leadership at our highest level of management is mirrored in the work of our staff.

Our community organizing staff builds its agenda on the basis of interests and ideas expressed directly by our residents. They do this by conducting regular one-on-one meetings with residents to learn their stories, their challenges, and most importantly their strengths and talents. The job of our organizers is to help residents recognize and actively use their own assets to improve their own lives, life within their Mutual Housing community, and ultimately life in their greater neighborhood and society.

The outgrowth of this work generally falls into two categories, with much overlap and synergy between the two:

Leadership Development
Programs and Services

Don’t just take our word about all this work. Read more about it in our residents’ own words.

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