Varvara Lugovskaya

Varvara Lugovskaya, Foothill Plaza

Life does not stay still and its every turn brings up new experiences. Living at Mutual Housing California has definitely been a pleasurable one for my family. When we moved here seven years ago, my husband was 73, I was 67, and my grandson – a complete orphan – was 14.

Here, we finally got our own private rooms. We used to live in a one-bedroom apartment and had to put beds in the living room and even in the kitchen, which created so much discomfort and inconvenience. We worried that the payment could get increased by as much as $50 a month. We had flies and odors because of garbage containers that were poorly maintained.

Now, just across from our windows are mulberry, pear and other trees. In the spring, the trees blossom so beautifully. Besides the captivating beauty, there are very practical benefits – much desirable shade and coolness, especially during summer time. Neatly cut lawns and beautifully designed flower spots complete the peacefulness and majesty of the place. We pay $100 less than before and do not worry that the payment will be increased. However, most important in my opinion is that now there are no drug activities here whatsoever.

Finally, I would like to thank the management and of the complex that I live in now and the organizer of our trips outside of the complex for their outstanding work. I recognize that their dedication, hard work, professionalism and true love for the people they serve make all the difference. I really appreciate all of you and what you do for us, the tenants.

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