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Our Story



The mission of Mutual Housing California is to develop, manage, and support sustainable affordable housing where residents are partners in advancing equitable communities.

The Mutual Housing founders’ major objective was to create a locally controlled nonprofit that would be a force for revitalizing low-income communities by strengthening neighborhood assets–both the housing and the neighborhood leaders. By acquiring deteriorating multifamily structures, they envisioned that Mutual Housing could leverage private and public capital to renovate properties and turn them around into safe, affordable and well-functioning residential communities. Similarly, by attracting investment to construct new housing on vacant in-fill lots, Mutual Housing would add to the local supply of safe, affordable housing and eliminate the hazards often associated with vacant lots.

As important, Mutual Housing was created to help stabilize neighborhoods by identifying and developing leaders. By encouraging residents to participate in decision making in their communities, Mutual Housing would develop future local leaders — people who cared about the future of their neighborhoods and would organize others to increase the safety and well-being of other residents. These original founding objectives remain the same today.

Mutual Housing offers a permanent solution to the housing needs of California’s diverse families. Mutual Housing owns and operates 1,148 homes, housing over 3,200 residents. Some of our communities are designed and constructed by us on vacant in-fill lots; others are acquired and rehabilitated by Mutual Housing. Mutual Housing is also known for its cutting edge work in bringing innovative housing programs to the Sacramento region.



Formed as a partnership of neighborhood residents, business representatives, housing advocates, and local government dedicated to improving housing opportunities for lower income families.


Developed the first multifamily housing property in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) service area to incorporate solar energy.


Constructed a multifamily development with the highest Build It Green rating in the North Central Valley.


Developed the nation's first rental housing development to be certified Zero Net Energy.


Opened the doors to the second phase of that development designed to achieve Positive Net Energy.


We are also trailblazing by building the region's first LGBTQ-affirming senior housing community opening in May 2022.


Everyone deserves access to affordable, high-quality housing in safe, healthy neighborhoods. We commit to addressing historic inequities by creating housing opportunities where residents and communities can thrive.


The mission of Mutual Housing California is to develop, manage, and support sustainable affordable housing where residents are partners in advancing equitable communities.


Mutual Housing California is guided by the following core values in its interactions with residents, the community and within the organization:


We celebrate and value our diversity and the unique gifts and talents each individual brings. Our organization and communities are rooted in policies and practices that advance racial diversity, and meaningfully include and reflect diverse voices.


Accountability: To meet our mission, our organizational management and financial health must be transparent and clear to be accountable to stakeholders both today and tomorrow.

Stewardship: We responsibly manage our organizational resources, which includes permanent and community assets – financial, physical, and most importantly human assets, to support our resident’s and housing communities’ long-term success.


We value a healthy home and livable communities for everyone regardless of income level, race and ethnicity. We build and operate housing communities with respect for its residents, the environment and future generations. We operate with a culture of sustainability as a model for our employees, residents and wider community.


Resident voices strengthen the organization and our communities.